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Flint police Dept loves FloWater!

FloWater Provides Sustainable Water Solution in Flint with Charitable Donation


FloWater, makers of revolutionary and sustainable water Refill Stations, joined the relief efforts in Flint by donating eight units to locations throughout the city. FloWater Refill Stations provide chilled, clean 7x purified drinking water, while allowing users to utilize refillable canteens and bottles to eliminate plastic waste. This donation is the first sustainable, permanent solution of its kind that purifies and transforms tap water, regardless of its source.

Flint residents have access to FloWater Refill Stations at the Flint Mayor’s office (1101 Saginaw St., #101) and the Flint police department (210 E. 5th St.), with other locations that include several churches, the Holiday Inn Gateway Center, and Richfield Public School Academy.

In independent tests conducted by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, unfiltered tap water in one Flint location dispensed through a FloWater Refill Station resulted in virtually undetectable lead levels below .001 milligrams of lead per liter of water (1 PPB), dramatically below the EPA threshold of lead contamination of .015 milligrams of lead per liter of water (15 PPB).

“Students can’t drink enough FloWater, and the faculty both trust and love it. FloWater is the single best solution we have seen for our water crisis,” said Pamela Haldy, Superintendent of Richfield Public School Academy. “Schools and businesses across Flint would benefit from having FloWater.”

“Many Flint residents must still rely on single use, plastic bottles outside of the home, creating an inefficient and environmentally harmful waste issue that will continue until citywide pipe overhauls are completed,” said Rich Razgaitis, CEO and Cofounder of FloWater. “FloWater Refill Stations are providing a clean, reliable and trusted way to consume safe and great tasting drinking water in the wake of this horrific crisis, while eliminating all of the plastic waste created by single use water bottles.”

FloWater Refill Stations allow for high volume water use, making it ideal for Flint businesses, restaurants and schools who have recently relied on single use plastic water bottles. FloWater achieves nearly undetectable contaminant levels through its innovative and cutting-edge 7x purification process, and connects to any potable water line. FloWater Refill Station filters remove lead, dirt, dust, rust, suspended solids, chlorine, herbicides, pesticides and other contaminants, and enhance the water with oxygenation, electrolytes and trace minerals to elevate the alkalinity of water.

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About FloWater

FloWater was founded in 2013 by a passionate team whose vision is to change the way the world drinks water. FloWater’s proprietary, 7x purified water is rid of the contaminants that can be found in tap water, and is delivered into any size reusable container, therefore eliminating the plastic waste and toxicity caused by single-use plastic water bottles. For more information on FloWater, please visit