FloWater drives revenue and repeat customers

FloWater provides a more positive in store experience. Increase customer visits with this innovative, new hydration solution.

The World's Best Retailers Love FloWater


Added Value for Retailers

Offering FloWater will differentiate your space from competitors and keep your shoppers hydrated and happy. FloWater is great value-add that’s sustainable, healthy and easy to use.

The FloWater Bar: A New Experience

  • FloWater increases foot traffic and customer satisfaction.
  • When shoppers know they can get FloWater, they return (and purchase) more often.
  • An amenity like FloWater helps set you apart from your competitors.
  • In restaurants, FloWater drives incremental revenue once placed on beverage menus.
  • Foodies love the mineral enhancement and great taste.
  • FloWater eliminates plastic waste and hefty bottled water costs.

FloWater drives revenue

increase in sales of refillable bottles for purchase placed next to a FloWater Refil Station


Free Trial

Give FloWater a try. Your shoppers will thank you. If you don’t love your Refill Station after 30 days, we’ll pick it up, no hard feelings.


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