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How Does the FloWater Refill Station Work?

1. High capacity

Each FloWater Refill Station hold seven gallons of purified water at all times. That's the equivalent of 60+ 20 oz bottles of water available on-demand.

2. High-speed fill

Every time FloWater is dispensed, the tanks automatically refill, purify, and chill more water.

3. Rapid dispense

The Refill Station dispenses water at a rate of 3 oz per second, so your reusable bottle is filled in seconds. The tanks refill automatically every time water is dispensed - so there's always cold, fresh FloWater!

4. Fits any bottle size

FloWater has a large fill area and pre-set fill size options, so all you have to do is select your bottle size and fill your bottle. You can use anything from a coffee cup to a one-gallon jug - or any refillable container in-between!

5. Clean dispense

The water dispenser and nozzle are behind the fill space panel, so FloWater is more sanitary than other water fountains or coolers (by far!) and keeps spills to a minimum.

6. Energy efficient

Energy efficient LED lights, an automatic sleep mode, and an internal monitoring system keep the Refill Station running at ultra-low operating costs.

7. Innovative design

FloWater's cutting-edge design is a fun and unique way to fill up your reusable water bottle! Our Refill Station was designed to be used by everyone from young students to adults, and is fully ADA compliant.

8. Chilled to 42°

The Refill Station keeps water chilled to a perfect 42°.

9.7x purified hot water

The newest FloWater Refill Station dispenses the same 7x purified water you love, and now comes with the option for hot water.

10.Earth friendly

FloWater's 7x purified water is delivered into reusable bottles, so it's a perfect sustainable solution for any location.

11.Internal drain

A catchment tray catches any little spills, avoiding drips and keeping your refill station clean. The Refill Station drains automatically, so you'll never need to worry about emptying the tray.

12.Small footprint

The Refill Station's size of 70" T x 18" W x 16" D makes it easy to place in just about any location.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much energy does FloWater use?

FloWater Refill Stations are very energy efficient! The Refill Station plugs into a standard electrical wall outlet (110 v ~ 15 amp) and runs off of 121 volts, 2.5 amps and 117 watts and 60hz at max draw, and, the built-in ambient light sensor goes into sleep mode during periods of low use.

What’s the Refill Station made of?

The majority of the Refill Station, including the top, sides and tanks, are stainless steel. The center fill area space is injection molding (an ecofriendly process that reuses scrap materials and generates minimal waste) and the front panels are a high strength polycarbonate material.

How much do filters cost?

Filter changes are estimated to occur every six months and cost between $75-$150/filter change. The cost of the filter change and the number of filters you’ll go through will depend on factors like the quality of the source water or water consumption at your location.

How long will my FloWater Refill Station last?

The Refill Station is built to last for at least 10 years.

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