FloWater in the News

Event hydration is the newest sustainable opportunity

Four days. ~17,000 plastic water bottles saved from landfills. As you might already know, one of the biggest trends is event management is to create more sustainable events. One of the best ways to do that is to cut out single-use plastic bottles and 5-gallon jugs. By doing so, event organizers are reducing the onsite trash…

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7x Advanced Purification: creating the world’s best water

FloWater is changing the way the world drinks water. The vision and mission of FloWater is simple, yet big: to inspire the world with water while putting an end to single-use plastic water bottles. Our promise is to provide the world’s best-tasting and most sustainable water— better than anything in a bottle. FloWater is a daily…

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Green Sports Blog

Super Bowl 50 engaged several Sustainability Sponsors to help it make good on its Net Positive/Greenest Ever commitments. GreenSportsBlog spoke to Neste and FloWater to understand why they came on board and get their takes on the experience.

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Yahoo! Finance

Students can’t drink enough FloWater, and the faculty both trust and love it. FloWater is the single best solution we have seen for our water crisis…Schools and businesses across Flint would benefit from having FloWater.

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