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Frequently Asked Questions

Advanced Hydration

What is FloWater?

FloWater’s purification system transforms ordinary tap water into advanced hydration. We remove any contaminants left in typical tap water and enhance the water with the highest quality blend of minerals and electrolytes, creating a purified water that’s healthier than any other water on the market.

FloWater’s proprietary Refill Station design dispenses water into any reusable bottle, which means FloWater users are making great strides towards eliminating toxicity, chemical leaching and plastic waste associated with bottled water, while drinking a water that’s superior to anything else on the market!

How does FloWater work?

FloWater’s Refill Station technology takes an existing source of water (usually just your local tap water!) and transforms it into an ultra purified water that tastes better and hydrates more effectively than any other alternative on the market!

We’re able to create this advanced hydration through our proprietary 7x purification process.

How is FloWater better than bottled water?

FloWater is better in so many ways! Our purification is more advanced than most premium bottled water brands, removing impurities from the source water, including:

• Dirt, rust, suspended solids, chlorine, fluoride, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, herbicides and other dissolved solids

We enhance source water with several premium elements, such as:

• A coconut carbon filter made from real coconut shells, key electrolytes (magnesium, potassium, sodium and calcium, which are the same electrolytes in sports drinks and coconut water), trace minerals to increase alkalinity and pH and O3 (activated oxygen)

And, FloWater is delivered in reusable water bottles, so we’re eliminating plastic waste, toxicity and chemical leaching caused by plastic water bottles.

What makes FloWater so innovative?

There are many unique features that make FloWater the leader in water Refill Station technology.

The quality of FloWater is among the best of any Refill Stations on the market and better than the most premium bottled water brands, too!

Our Refill Station hardware was designed by global leaders in purification and design, so it’s absolutely state-of-the-art.

Plus, the Refill Station plays a big role in eliminating plastic bottle waste from the environment. Americans use about 50 billion plastic water bottles every year, but only 23% of those are actually recycled. Every time you refill with FloWater, you play a part in making our environment a little cleaner.

What’s the benefit of offering FloWater at my location?

There are lots of benefits! Our Refill Stations are designed to highest standards in quality, reliability and water purification, so it’s the most advanced hydration you can find.

Because the Refill Stations use source water, it’s the perfect choice for businesses or schools who provide water on a large scale.

FloWater is a zero-plastic waste alternative to bottled water that’s great for the planet. FloWater Refill Stations helpreducethe plastic bottle waste, chemical leaching and toxicity associated with plastic, ultimately benefiting marine life and water sources like streams, rivers and oceans.

Finally, FloWater is low-maintenance! Routine service and general maintenance is usually covered, making any issue quick and easy to resolve.


Refill Station

How much energy does FloWater use?

FloWater Refill Stations are very energy efficient! The Refill Station plugs into a standard electrical wall outlet (110 v ~ 15 amp) and runs off of 121 volts, 2.5 amps and 117 watts and 60hz at max draw, and, the built-in ambient light sensor goes into sleep mode during periods of low use.

What’s the Refill Station made of?

The majority of the Refill Station, including the top, sides and tanks, are stainless steel. The center fill area space is injection molding (an ecofriendly process that reuses scrap materials and generates minimal waste) and the front panels are a high strength polycarbonate material.

How much do filters cost?

Filter changes are estimated to occur every six months and cost between $75-$150/filter change. The cost of the filter change and the number of filters you’ll go through will depend on factors like the quality of the source water or water consumption at your location.

How long will my FloWater Refill Station last?

The Refill Station is built to last for at least 10 years.



How does FloWater’s oxygenation work?

FloWater’s activated oxygen increases the oxygen content of the water by adding O3 to both the chilling and reserve tanks. O3 increases the amount of oxygen available for your blood and muscles and creates a light tasting, refreshing water. Activated oxygen also naturally sanitizes and cleanses the Refill Station.

How does the mineral enhancement work?

Mineral enhancement occurs in nature when water flows over rocks, stones and other mineral elements. FloWater Refill Stations replicate this natural process using a proprietary blend of ten trace minerals, which includes healthy alkaline minerals (like traces of the minerals you’d get from eating kale, broccoli and other greens), and key electrolytes such as calcium and magnesium.

How does electrolyte enhancement help during or after my workout?

Electrolytes are an essential part of our body’s health, and are naturally depleted through sweat. FloWater’s electrolyte enhancement increases the hydration benefits of the water by replacing electrolytes lost during exercise – lowering your risk of dehydration and fatigue with every sip! The electrolytes in FloWater (magnesium, potassium, sodium and calcium) are the same electrolytes you’d find in coconut water or sports drinks, but there’s no added sugar in FloWater!

How does FloWater increase alkalinity?

The pH level of FloWater is increased through an alkaline filter that contains elements of trace minerals. Trace minerals can increase alkalinity in water similar to how eating kale, spinach or other greens will increase your body’s alkaline levels through diet. FloWater’s alkaline filter can raise the pH of the source water by up to 1.5 on the pH scale.

What is the pH of FloWater?

FloWater can increase the pH of source water by up to 1.5 on the pH scale, though pH levels will vary based on factor like the quality of the source water, FloWater usage in your location or the lifecycle phase of the filter.

As a general rule, if your tap water has a base pH of 7.5, FloWater can increase the pH level as high as a 9. For comparison, EPA standards for tap water are recommended to be above 6.5 pH. Most bottled water brands fall between a 6 and an 8.5 on the pH scale.

Will FloWater increase my hydration levels?

Yes! Seven steps of purification combine to create a super hydrating, healthy water, removing the impurities remaining in your tap water, increasing the oxygen content and pH levels and then adding essential minerals and electrolytes to quickly rehydrate and energize your body and muscles.



How much will FloWater cost my hotel?

Pricing can vary depending on the needs or size of your hotel’s guests and staff. Click here and we’ll contact you to discuss your specific needs and will recommend the best option for your hotel.

What’s the benefit of offering FloWater at my hotel?

FloWater is a unique way to elevate your guests’ experience. Guests in major international hotel chains are providing outstanding feedback about FloWater on social media and satisfaction surveys. They love the cool, refreshing alternative to bottled water during check-in and enjoy filling their reusable bottles with a premium water before they turn in for the night.

In the back of house, team members are delighted with the noticeable reduction in the plastic waste output, and they appreciate having access to a cold, refreshing hydration during the busy, peak hours.

Can FloWater help with our sustainability initiatives?

Absolutely! FloWater is already replacing bottled water in many hotels. In addition to lowering the amount of plastic water bottles your hotel will buy, our Refill Station technology tracks how many plastic bottles have been saved by your hotel, providing measurable results for your sustainability reports.



We already have a water cooler at our office. Why should we switch?

FloWater Refill Stations adhere to the highest standards for quality, reliability and water purification, making FloWater the most premium water on the market today. In direct response to sustainable initiatives and social responsibility, FloWater offers a zero-waste alternative to bottled water that benefits the planet – by eliminating plastic water bottle waste, chemical leaching and toxicity associated with plastic waste from entering our streams, rivers and other water sources.

Where can FloWater be placed in my office?

The Refill Station can go into most common spaces like kitchens or hallways. All we need to place your Refill Station is a standard electrical wall outlet for power and a water source within 200 feet.

What maintenance and upkeep is required?

You’ll have to do next to nothing to keep your FloWater Refill Station running! If there’s ever a service need, just call our office and we’ll send a service tech out within 24 hours. When it’s time to change a filter, the internal microprocessor will prompt you to call the service number, and we’ll handle that too! Most of our customers do nothing more than wipe the front panels down at the end of the week.

What will FloWater cost our office?

FloWater offers different pricing options to accommodate the needs of your office. Click here and we’ll contact you to determine the best option for your space.

Can FloWater help my office become more sustainable?

Absolutely! FloWater is already replacing bottled water in major corporations like Google, Red Bull, Electronic Arts, GoPro, Hyatt, Hilton, Marriott and many more. In addition to reducing the plastic water bottles your office will buy and use, the Refill Station also tracks the number of plastic bottles your business has saved, which provides measurable results on your office sustainability.



How do we get FloWater Refill Stations on campus?

Click here and we’ll contact you to discuss the best option for your school.

Where can FloWater be placed on campus?

FloWater can placed in almost any location. All we need is access to potable water and a power source. Our school customers have place Refill Stations in cafeterias, dorms, hallways, libraries, event complexes and classroom buildings. FloWater can even be used in outdoor areas for events like campus fairs and graduation.

What’s the value of FloWater to our student body?

There’s a growing trend on campuses to reduce plastic waste. Many students now carry reusable bottles, but the water options to fill them are usually minimally purified, unchilled water from fountains or taps. FloWater, in addition to being a leader in plastic waste reduction, also gives students a delicious, premium and healthy alternative to fountain water and sugary sports drinks and sodas. Check out what university students and administrators are saying here.

What’s the benefit of having FloWater at my K-12 school?

FloWater is quickly becoming the favorite hydration choice for schools! Student’s need to stay energized all day long,but current options are usually sports drinks and flavored waters,which are high in calories and sugar and offer little to no health benefit. FloWater is the perfect alternative to sports drinks and sodas – it tastes great, keeps students hydrated and energized through alkaline, electrolyte and oxygenation, and it’s fun to use. Plus, there’s no sugar, so that mid-day sugar crash will be a thing of the past. Sorry, no more excuses for sleeping in class!

Our student body is very large. Can FloWater accommodate our size?

Our Refill Station purifies water at over 700 mL’s per minute, so there’s virtually an unlimited supply of water! 60+20 oz bottles could be filled back to back. Many of our education customers have multiple Refill Stations throughout campus to accommodate high traffic areas and peak usage times.



What events has FloWater hydrated?

We’ve hydrated tons of well-known events, including:

Outside Lands, Vans Triple Crown, Coachella, Stagecoach, CrossFit Games, CrossFit Regionals, Sustainable Brands, TEDx, Google corporate events, Eat Drink SF, Global Coworking Unconference Conference (GCUC), California State University Northridge – Earth Day Fair, Moxie Madness, Orange County Throwdown and California Facilities Expos, among many others.

Can FloWater hydrate indoor and outdoor events?

Of course! All we need to hydrate your event is access to potable water and a power source.

We don’t have access to potable water; can FloWater still hydrate our event?

Definitely! We can bring our 250-gallon water tank(s), but we’ll still need potable water to fill it up.

Will the water remain cold at all times?

To be sure FloWater stays perfectly chilled at outdoor events, the Refill Station will need to be placed out of direct sunlight. Multiple Refill Stations are usually used at large-scale events to ensure consistently chilled water.

How can I get FloWater at my event?

Find out the form above or click here. Our events team will contact you to discuss hydration options for your event.